Castle Road, Randalstown

Complete Build of Detached Home at Castle Road, Randalstown

The client wanted to create a one-off building that would serve as the ideal family home. The client also had a desire to build a ‘smart home’ that reflected the latest trends in terms of building design and energy efficiency technology.

Set in a rural location, yet conveniently located to the motorway network, an ambitious design was produced to realise the potential provided by the local environment.

The completed full-build project produced a 5,600sq ft property with generously proportioned rooms.

Extensive use was made of glass to maximise the abundance of natural light. Contrary to popular held opinions, the innovative use of glass within the overall building design actually produced significant solar gains.

Innovative features included:

  • 8 inch (200mm) walls with full WarmCel insulation
  • Underfloor heating

Due to the ‘smart design’ of this home and the use of the latest available insulation and heating technology, the yearly oil consumption requirements is 1475 litres. A similarly sized property built using a concrete block method of construction would actually require 5000 litres.

As a fully qualified Domestic Energy Assessor, the client is justifiably proud that he has created a home that is highly energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing and able to meet the needs of modern family life.